Horsham PA Library
Test Proctoring

Students must contact the library at least one week in advance, complete the Proctoring Application, and must arrange a mutually convenient date and time with the library director. Proctoring will be done only during regular library hours.

Starting on January 16, 2017 there will be a $20 charge for test proctoring plus cost of postage, copies, and fax service if needed.

If you will be taking an online examination, you may wish to test access to your exam's computer server from the library's computers in advance. In some cases, tests that must be accessed over a non-standard Internet port can not be opened or accessed due to security restrictions on the MCLINC firewall. These security lock downs cannot be bypassed.

If you have questions about test proctoring or wish to schedule a proctoring session, please contact Director Regina Vesely by phone at (215) 443-2609 ext. 205 or by email at rvesely@mclinc.org.

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