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To access downloadable electronic books you will need:

  • A valid library card from the Horsham Township Library
  • A computer with access to the Internet
  • Adobe® Digital Editions software may be needed for owners of older Nook, Kobo, Sony and non-tablet style eBook readers. This free software can be downloaded from the Overdrive website or from the Adobe website.
  • Users of iPads and/or smart phones and tablets that use Android should check the app store for compatible apps.

Click here to link to OverDrive, then click the My Help icon to view an on-line guide to using downloadable eBooks and audiobooks from OverDrive. You can find basic technical information about how to use these digital books with your particular eReader, tablet, or audio player.

Kindle users, you can now borrow versions of our e-Books compatible with your Kindle reader. For helpful instructions on transferring items to your Kindle, click here to link to Amazon.com's "Public Library Books for Kindle" technical support page.

To access digital audio books you will need:

  • A valid library card from any MCLINC member library
  • A computer with access to the Internet (preferably a broadband connection; however dial-up connections will work, too)
  • Windows Media Player Series 9 or newer version (with Windows Media Security Update) if you use a PC running under the Windows operating system. Apple's iTunes software if you use an iPod music player or iPad tablet to listen to your audiobooks.
  • Free digital audio book software (Overdrive Media Console) for your computer available on the Overdrive website.

Click here for a 7-page Quick Start Guide to Audio To Go! (in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to view this guide.)

Special Notes:

  • Audio and eBooks can be enjoyed at home, work, or when you travel but are not for use on computers in the library. All files must be downloaded to your personal device.
  • Digital books may be listed in the MCLINC online catalog, but cannot be reserved in the catalog. Reserves for audio books must be placed on the websites of the particular eBook collection.
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