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Story time is an excellent opportunity for parents to introduce young children to the library and the joy of reading. Story time is a great way to positively interact with your child, learn read-aloud techniques, and discover new books!

The library offers four 5-week story time sessions between September and May.

See the Story Time Schedule.

Pre-registration: Registration is required for Baby Tales and Toddler Tales. Parents may register (their child only) by contacting Miss Ellyn in person at the library or at215-443-2609 x 206 (Miss Ellyn will respond to voicemail messages in the order that she receives them. Class/waitlist place is not confirmed until her reply). Due to the popularity of these classes, waitlists will be created and any registrants who miss 2 or more classes without contacting Miss Ellyn may be required to yield their space to accommodate a waitlisted child. If you are not sure which session is right for your child, please talk with Miss Ellyn to decide which program is the best fit for your child's age and developmental stage.

Please direct questions about story times to Children's Librarian Ellyn Benner at 215-443-2609, extension 204.

Baby Tales: a 30-minute lapsit story time for infants and babies not yet walking independently. A parent or caregiver should participate with the children in this session. This introduction to early literacy encourages interaction between adult and child through activities including short stories, rhymes, songs, and free playtime.

Toddler Tales: This 30-minute program is for toddlers ages 18 months to 2 years who are walking confidently, accompanied by a parent or caregiver. This quick-paced story time, designed for younger children with shorter attention spans, includes short stories, rhymes, and songs with rhythm instruments. Please arrive early since class begins promptly. No late-comers will be admitted to the room once class has begun. For their safety, please keep toddlers away from cabinets, furniture, and equipment in the room. No running in the room. If a child becomes unsettles during class, please teke them outside of the room until they are calm.

Pre-school Tales: this 30-40 minute program is for children between the ages of 3 and 5. The program focuses on stories with longer and more comples plots, songs, and may include a simple craft.

Twilight Tales this 30-40 minute story time is targeted to children ages 3 to 5 but all family members are welcome. This program features stories, songs, and may include a simple craft. Feel free to wear pajamas and bring your favorite stuffed animal!

Story time is an excellent opportunity for parents to introduce young children to the library and the joy of reading.

Parents benefit from storytimes, too! This is a good time to pick up some pointers. Watch how the librarian shares picture books with the children. Learn some of the songs and rhymes. Try these activities at home with your child! You will find that you will raise a child who likes books and reading, is curious and ready for learning.

Here are some guidelines to follow so that we can all make the most of storytime experiences.

  • Please talk about storyhour with your child before you come. Explain that there will be stories, games, puppets, and other children and that you will participate together. Young children need to know what's expected of them.

  • Please bring children to sessions that are a good fit for their age and/or level of intellectual and social development. Activities in one age cluster won't be appropriate for older or younger children. If in doubt, talk with a librarian about which session would be best for your child. Make this a special time for you and your child.

  • Keep in mind that young children develop at differing rates. For example, if your 1½-year old does not seem to be paying attention to the stories in the Toddler session, consider "stopping out" for a few weeks. Allow more time for your child to develop; then try coming back. You may find the experience is more rewarding for both of you.

  • Please come about five minutes early so that children can remove coats (if necessary), get a nametag (so that the librarian can get to know each person) and get settled. Please make every effort to be on time. Two- and three-year olds are easily distracted. Latecomers can become the focus of attention.

  • A trip to the restroom right before storytime is often a good idea.

  • If your child starts to fret or cry, by all means take him or her out of the storyhour session. We won't be offended. Sometimes children grow cranky and need one-on-one attention. By staying in the session, they become a distraction for the other children.

  • If your child shows signs of illness, please skip storyhour and remain home to avoid spreading sniffles to others.

  • After the program, browse the library shelves. Check out books so that you and your child may take the storytime experience home with you. Ask the library staff for suggestions about books your child might enjoy. We love to recommend good books! 
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